GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method Subscription

$30 a month or $300 a year after 7-day free trial

Welcome to the GOODBODYFEEL video library. The GBF movement method is Pilates-ish, yoga-esque. It is an intricate blend of Pilates and yoga that safely grounds you in your body. It brings the spirit of yoga into a Pilates-style class that focuses on the biomechanics of movement, which develops a lifelong practice that FEELS good.

We have a large bank of videos ranging from 5-60min long. We upload a new class weekly.

Take these videos at your speed. Prioritize good-feel over the no-pain-no-gain mentality. Listen to your body's cues. It knows how to take care of you.

It's about the feel. Not the look.

Feel Strong. Feel Open. Feel Good.

  • pre-recorded classes

    36 videos

  • RnB Pilates

    0 videos

  • be centred

    5 videos

    Find your breath.
    Move your spine.
    Fire up your core.

  • be grounded

    0 videos

    Wake up your feet.
    Energize your legs.
    Strengthen your hips.

  • be lifted
    5 videos

    be lifted

    5 videos

    Power up your arms.
    Mobilize your shoulders.
    Open up your heartspace.

  • be fluid
    0 videos

    be fluid

    0 videos

    Find your flow.
    Move with breath.
    Forever rebalancing.

  • be chill
    3 videos

    be chill

    3 videos

    Just. Chill. Out.