be chill

be chill

Just. Chill. Out.

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be chill
  • Be Chill - Chris - 1hr - June 14

    In this experimental class, Chris guides participants to observe how certain movements resonate or land in the body. With extremely intentional movement, each position is an invitation to explore slow strengthening exercises in hip dips, side lying clamshells. Frequent opportunities to release te...

  • 90s Chill - Chris - 1hr - June 7

    In this heart opening class Chris guides us through minimalist intentional movements that encourage embodiment. In prone, Chris leads a slow back strengthening sequence to support an open heart. Spinal releases in tabletop hands and knees and standing allowing any built up fascia to gently melt a...

  • Be Chill - Stylo - 1hr - Oct 17

    Be Chill is a class dedicated to the challenging work of slow, subtle and steady progression. Each class focuses on a movement or a set of specific movements, breaks them down into their essential components and then builds you up to performing them with ease, stability and integrity. There will ...